April: Don’t Look Back Now!

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One of the somber realities of being a part of today’s church is that we are living in the last hours. We know that the harvest is plenteous. We know that the needs are greater than ever before. I was reminded of this with the recent, unexpected death of a young man. He came to our church many times, prayed at the altar, and wept in the presence of God, yet his life was cut short because of strongholds in his life.
This young man, in his death, reminds me that we must be about our Father’s business. It reminds me that we can’t look back. We must look ahead and forge forward. We must become more determined than ever that we will pull as many people out of the mouth of hell as we possibly can. We must do this with courage and with determination. We must realize that there are many people out there like this young man who are hurting, that are bound and that are suffering. We have the answer and we can help fix it if we would just forge ahead.
I conclude by reiterating that we can’t look back. We can’t get consumed in politics (even though we should engage in the process). We can’t get caught up and allow ourselves to become disillusioned because of immense societal challenges, but we must press forward. We must maintain the vision that God has given us that we WILL see a harvest and we WILL rob hell from rejoicing at another’s pain. We are the church; don’t look back now. We are moving forward in Jesus’ Name!