March: Help Wanted!

Pentecostalcc   -  
When Jesus was in Gethsemane, He asked the disciples to pray with Him. As He went and prayed, He came back several times to find them asleep; this weighed heavily on the Lord during his hour of need! This scripture shows us that even the Lord Himself needed help at one point in His life and He wasn’t afraid to ask for it.  The weariness, fatigue, and possibly failure to recognize “the hour” caused the disciples to slack in helping Jesus in His time of need.
Today’s church is in an hour of need; the church needs help! The church needs laborers – people who have bought in to the investment that we make regarding the kingdom of God. I’m asking each of you today to make sure that you are involved in the church in some way. Although busyness, weariness, and sometimes fatigue may be a factor, we must shake ourselves and get back to the the Lord’s business.
Help is needed and I pray that you will join the many others that have committed themselves to being used by the Lord in any way they can because NOW is the hour and the NEED is great!