October – What Does 20 Years Mean

Crystal Sturgill   -  

We are celebrating our 20 year anniversary and I wanted to tell you what that means to me, and what it should mean to you. We came here with a vision and the Lord’s commission. Satan has tried to destroy many people over the last 20 years, yet they still stand today. Satan has tried to destroy this church through many ways over the last 20 years, yet it still stands stronger then ever.

In 20 years we have grown numerically. We have grown the amount of congregations that we have. Each individual has grown exponentially in their walk with God; in their own specific anointing and ministries. All of this has been done against all odds and against all opposition. 20 years is not just a thing. It’s not just a landmark and not just a reason to host an event. It is a statement of the glory of God, what HE has done in our lives and what HE has done in this area; a permanent impact and footprint in the spirit that we will never see but is there because we have stood the test of time over the last 20 years.

With the help of the Lord, we will continue to stand the test of time until Jesus comes for His church. Thank you to everybody that has been a part of these last 20 years. I look forward to many more with each of you!

Pastor Ardary