March – The Church on the Offensive

Crystal Sturgill   -  

Can you feel it? It just seems as if the Lord is readying the host of heaven to claim His church. What makes this more obvious is knowing the Lord will not allow His own creation to travail in pain for much longer. I think that the church has been on the offensive long enough. We have given satan more credit than he ever deserved.

The time is now that the church understands we walk with a big stick, one anointed by God and the voices of the lost are crying for the church to go on the offensive. We need to rise up in prayer, rise up in spirit and rise up with one voice proclaiming the victorious hand of God upon this earth, more specifically our county. We need to be proactive and not reactive. We need not think we are at a disadvantage but we must understand that “greater is He who is in me”.

I challenge you to join me in walking in single file, with one voice beating our drum and proclaiming that the Lord will be victorious in this dark hour. So church, let’s go on the offensive and let’s usher in the harvest of the hurting and grow the kingdom of heaven.