May-The beauty of the church body

Crystal Sturgill   -  

Luke 10:33 (The Good Samaritan) – The bible says “when the Samaritan came where the man was and saw him, he had compassion on him”. The word compassion literally means that his bowels yearned. He felt sympathy. The reason the Samaritan addressed the plight of the injured man was because he did not look at this individual as anyone different, but he looked at him as a brother and he cared for him in an intimate manner.

This parable teaches us what the church should look like. The beauty of the church body is when the bowels of the body yearn for another’s plight. When your brother or your sister is suffering, when they are hurting or even when trials of plight come upon them, it moves us with intense compassion. It creates sympathy and then something comes from deep within, something that can not be controlled. This is the beauty of the church body.

It is who we are, not who God called us to be. We don’t have to “try” to be compassionate or to care. It comes from deep within because we are so intertwined that it is an automatic response. I encourage you to always fulfill your inner role in the body of Christ. Allow yourself and your compassion for your fellow child of God to rise from deep within and let that guide you when it comes to a response in somebody’s life. This is the beauty of the church body.

Pastor Ardary