August – How Far Will Your Faith take you?

Crystal Sturgill   -  

The Israelites followed Moses out of Egypt. It took great courage at that point to leave their home of 400 years and walk out into nothingness, which they were willing to do after some mild persuasion. As we know, each obstacle starting with the Red Sea brought complaining and murmuring and each one of these “seasons” seemed to rattle the children of Israel to the point of wanting to quit and go back.

Faith is unconditional. Your faith cannot expire when frustration and uncertainty begins. You have to decide if you will allow your faith to carry you the duration of your journey in your walk with God; meaning it will carry you through every obstacle and every tribulation, it does not expire there. Every child of God should make a decision that they are going to be a child of faith. A child of faith does not have limitations on their faith. True faith is adaptive and it adapts to the circumstances around us to teach us to get through.  True faith NEVER wants to quit and go back.

I ask you today, how far will your faith travel? Does your faith end where uncertainty begins, where frustration begins, where doubt begins or does your faith become more adaptive and become THE thing that brings you through every storm and every trial?

How far will your faith take you?

Pastor Ardary