October – “No Strings Attached”

Crystal Sturgill   -  

Ephesians 4:15-16 teaches us in speaking the truth in love it is that we may grow up into Him in all things. It continues that the whole body is fitly joined together and compacted by that which every joint supplieth. The words “fitly joined together” literally means jointed together and fitly framed.

We understand that the scripture teaches us that as we grow up in the Lord, it’s His wish that the “body of believers” be joined; which is the obvious opposite of separate. I realize that it sounds like a fruitless statement but I have discovered that our world wants to operate under a “no strings attached” system. The world does not want commitment. The world does not want to be bound to anything. We see this as marriage has become an afterthought. Most people simply live together because they don’t want “no strings attached“. Many people do not like contractual agreements, they want to get out of them at any time for any reason of their choosing.

In the church world many people just want to come and go at their will with “no strings attached“. There is a fear of commitment in our world and I want to remind you that the body of Christ revolves around commitment. That commitment is to such a high degree that the scripture compares the commitment to members being jointed together, compacted together, unbreakable and committed to the other member. You cannot just remove a limb or another part of the body or the body is no longer whole. I want to challenge the church not to be afraid of commitment. We cannot act like the world and we must understand how God joins this body of believers and obligates us to each other so we can function as one, in serving one God.

The “no strings attached” era has no place in the body of Christ!

Pastor Scott Ardary