December – Count it ALL Joy

Crystal Sturgill   -  

Count it ALL Joy

The Apostle said that we should “count it ALL joy when we enter into diverse temptations”. I would think that as the holiday season has officially begun and we prepare to spend that cherished time with our families on Christmas, that we should not have any issue counting it ALL joy.

What I mean is, don’t allow the moment to be saturated with frustration or disappointment. No matter what this Christmas season brings to you and your family we have plenty of joy in our lives that we can add up, or as James would say count; in order to remind ourselves how blessed we truly are.

This Christmas, I want to challenge you to count your blessings. Consider the days that God has given you. Consider the family and the joy of one another. Consider your wonderful church family and don’t add up negatives, but count the positives. When you are finished, I am confident you will be able to count it ALL joy!