June 2023 – A Memorial for Generations

Crystal Sturgill   -  

As Israel was crossing the Red Sea, the Lord instructed one person from each tribe to pick up a stone and set it in the middle of the river bed; they were to build this in a pyramid style so it would rise up out of the water and withstand the river current. The Lord told them that they were to do this so when their children and their grandchildren came to this place, they would ask what the stones mean. They would tell them that it was a reminder of what the Lord had done by bringing them through the wilderness and crossing into their promised land on dry ground.

We just celebrated Memorial Day to remember all of our fallen heroes that died for our freedoms. This day is to remember their sacrifice and to never forget. We also are to build spiritual memorials to remember where God has brought us from and what He has done.

You are going to have to go back to those memorials from time to time, bring your children back to those memorials and you’re going to have to share with them what that memorial means. These are crucial for our remembrance and for future generations because, we will need to be reminded of the greatness of God from time to time!

Today I encourage you to go back. Look at some of the memorials you have built and rejoice in what God has done, knowing that He will continue to bring you through into your promises.

Senior Pastor Ardary