January 2024 – Drunk on Anticipation

Crystal Sturgill   -  

Israel’s Exodus began with anticipation because of God‘s promise. Their entire past and future is built upon the promises of God, and the promises of God should always bring anticipation by the people of God.  As Christians, we are the children of God and our birthright is promise.  We inherit Abraham’s promises because of Abraham’s faith, and there should be nothing in this life that should rob you of anticipation that the promises of God will come to fruition.

At Pentecost, the disciples were sent to the upper room to wait for God‘s promise and the end result was 120 people drunk on that promise.  As we move into 2024, you need to be Drunk on Anticipation that the promises of God are in your blood and they will be revealed…just wait on God‘s timing.

– When you get discouraged, remember that you are a child of promise!
– When you feel overwhelmed, remember that you are a child of promise!
– When you think about quitting, remember that you would be walking away from promises that most would die for!

So how about for the rest of this year you get Drunk on Anticipation and let God be God!

Pastor Ardary